Mini Militia Hack July 2017 Latest UPDATE

Nowadays, Doodle Army: Mini Militia Hack is one of the best & most famous android multiplayer game. So, this multiplayer android game has much more active players and app downloaded from whole the world.

This is mind blowing & a fantastic game for Android users. but this game also famous for iOS. This action game has become one of the most popular multiplayer action game on the app market because of the lots of users. Mini Militia is also available for iOS. It’s most popular among the teenager and mostly among the bachelor students. So, You can find the download link of the latest version & also pro version pack from below links.

Doodle Army 2 Mini MilitiaThe free version of the app that you has a small number of features and has got much more of restrictions. You’ll need to buy the premium pack. But the premium pack is not free of cost, I know you’re all won’t buy. So, I have got the latest version unpacked (Unlocked & Purchased Version) mod apk for free of cost. Well, You can download the mod app from below.

Let us now become more serious and get the job done. I said more serious because you can break the APK file and it won’t work.


Mini Militia Hack – Mega Mod Pro

Features of It

  • The Pro Pack is Unlocked
  • You can use the Dual Gun now since the bug is fixed
  • You have the option of Melee Attacks
  • Unlimited Nitro
  • Added the pack of One shot kill bullets
  • You can make a team in the battle
  • You can see the health of all other players and other information
  • All guns in the store are unlocked.

After many requirements by our beloved visitors, we have decided to make a short and sweet tutorial how to install Mini Militia Hack.

First you need to go to Settings, then Apps and find mini-militia. You should first clear data and if you have an old version you should uninstall it. Then all that you have to do is to install like all other apps and start enjoying. check also: 8 Ball Pool Mod apk

Mini Militia Hack – Unlimited Health

I need to give some instructions before you download this pack because they are related to it.

You must not switch or even pick guns if your hack detections have been discovered by server admins while the kick you. Also, you need always to use the first default gun in your hand and not pick gun from the floor.

Mini Militia Features of It

  • New maps have been added to Cliffhanger, Suspension and also Crossfire.
  • The server security has been upgraded which secures free hack forever.
  • Server admins will have like impossible to know about your cheats, but make sure you are using a version that is not modified.

Mini Militia Hack – HD Mode

If you are tired by that screen display seeing every day, then here is a mod that it will make it much better. Me as a regular player on it, I just love it so much.
Mini Militia HD
What’s in there:

  • All gun models have different display
  • New skins for all players. They will not seem boring anymore (Believe me)
  • Also, other items in the game will be different from trees, rocks and what not.

Mini Militia Hack – Guns (New One)

Wouldn’t be fucking awesome holding two weapons like a boss. One of them could sniper, missile launcher or even Russian ak-47? All these at once?

Some of its features of Mini Militia

With this pack, it will come the version 3.0.27 which the ad will not disturb a lot anymore because it will be shifted to the right.
With this hack also it comes the Doodle Army 2 Pro pack which allows you to choose your desired guns.
We all know that by default Mini Militia allows only Uzi, desert eagle, Magnum with a pistol and If I am not wrong the best knife ever Machete. But with this Mini Militia Hack you can choose any gun from the Game store like I mentioned it earlier. P.s you have unlimited ammo
My tricks for Dual Guns

This hack of Mini Militia will be used proffessionally when you choose the right guns to combine together. The one combination that I like this most is a shotgun with a sniper rifle. You may ask yourself why? Simply because it lets me zoom up 7x times more than any other weapon. This is why I’m so good at it, haha.

How To Install Mini Militia without problems

I would suggest removing the current version of the game that you have. Once you do that, take an app and delete the junk files so the game won’t have lag. First you should download this mod, or whatever mod like GOD mode and then at the end the official app.

Some Facts About Mini Militia

There are many interested people in Mili Militia because of it’s widely used. Mini Militia it’s one of the most popular multiplayer game for the Android system. The most of its players come from India. What makes this game special is the combat experienced that if offers. You can play with 12 players using a local wifi and up to 6 players online with all over the world.

It also has a great feature where players are diverted with each other. The rank. There are two ranks in Mini Militia. The soldier (the one that you get to start to play the game). The Halo which is the most advanced rank.

You can also increase and train your skills offline playing survival modes and also Co-op. The interface also makes very special this game. The design of it. There are multiple types of weapons like flamethrowers and different rifles. The most used is the sniper rifle.