How To Setup & Use iMessage On Windows 10 PCs and Laptops

iMessage is a very secure, fast and generally reliable instant messaging service, but because it’s created and hosted by Apple, you can only use it on Apple devices. The problem is no one seems to know how to get it on PC.

finally, i have decided to assist those friends use iMessage on windows. in case you also want to take the advantage of this tip, you can also be a part of the party. let’s find out!

How to install iMessage on a Windows 10 PC

right here you may discover a way to send iMessage from laptop with the assist of iMessage desktop. check out the total article, you will find out how can you get iMessage on laptop. right here, you may additionally get grade by grade manual on the way to ship iMessage from the laptop. you may run iMessage on any gadget like on iMessage windows 10. using the workarounds blanketed in this article, you can ship Apple message for laptop.

iMessage App

test out the overall article in which you will learn the way can you get iMessage on PC and laptop. right here you can also get little by little manual on the way to ship iMessage from the laptop. similarly, you may run iMessage for pc the usage of any machine like on iMessage windows 10 the usage of the workarounds covered in this article.

We can download iMessage for Windows 10 PC using the methods given below. We have tested these methods on a Windows machine running Windows 10 and Windows 8, and it worked perfectly to access iMessage on PC.

How to Use iMessage on Windows PC

Step #1. Make sure you have a Mac with iMessage and PC with Windows.

Step #2. Now, download Chrome and Chrome Remote Desktop on both of your computers.

Install Chrome Remote Desktop


Step #3. Once installed, click on launch app.

Chrome Remote Desktop


Step #4. On Your Mac Download Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer.

Remote Desktop Host Installer


Step #5. Once it downloaded, install the same on your Mac.

Remote Desktop Host Installer

Step #6. Use the code to connect both the computers. Then, get started.

Code Chrome Remote Desktop

Enjoy iMessage on your windows computer.

Install iMessages App on Windows PC Using iPadian 2

iOS Emulator for PC iPadian

 Here is how you can use iMessage using iPadian:

Step 1: Visit and download iPadian installer

Step 2: Now run the .exe installer file to install iPadian

Step 3: Once installed, run the iPadian emulator on your PC

Step 4: Sign in with your Apple ID and password if you already have one. If you don’t have Apple login credentials, create new.

Step 5: You now have access to the iOS ecosystem from Windows. In fact, iPadian interface looks like the interface of an iPad (hence the name iPadian)

Step 6: Look up for iMessage in the apps and launch it

This is all you need to do to get iMessage running on your Windows using an iPadian emulator.

How to disable iMessage on your iOS Device

If you still have access to your iDevice, here is how you can disable iMessage and Facetime:

  1. Open Settings app (gear icon) from your iOS home screen
  2. Select Messages
  3. Move the iMessage toggle right to disable the service
  4. Open Settings again
  5. Select Facetime this time
  6. Turn it off by moving the toggle to right

Final Thoughts

It would be nice if Apple made all this a little easier. A lightweight, cross-platform messaging app that almost everyone (at least in America) uses would be ideal.

Good web services are cheap, easy to set up and available on every platform you need them. Apple’s iMessage only meets some of those criteria. That’s what Remote Messages is for, though, and it works fine.

The arrival of several highly impressive features like P2P money transfer, Digital Touch, screen effects have livened up iMessaging. Which is the one feature you like most in iMessage? Let us know that in the comments below.